Joe Macri, Dr. Electric
Joe Macri, Dr. Electric

“We’re just about the only repair company you can call and get free advice over the phone. There are a number of folks I have saved from a service call by listening to the problem, and realizing that it sounds like an electric utility company problem. That really is the key, listening. So often I have found that by listening to the customer, and asking a few specific questions, so much time and money can be saved.”

- Joe Macri, owner and founder of Dr. Electric


At Dr. Electric, we know how difficult it is to trust that the company you have decided on to do the repair will do it right – if they even show up. Trying to find someone who can answer some basic questions when you call can even be a challenge. We operate under the true belief that “Your Emergency is Our Priority.”

We’ve been able to stay in business for 20 years because of Joe’s adherence to this basic principle. When you call, Joe answers the phone. You are going to talk to a man who has been in the electrical field for 35 years, 25 of those years as an electrical contractor in middle Tennessee. He will listen to your problem, ask a few questions, and may be able to fix it with you over the phone. Most calls can be accomplished in one hour. We can tell you the hourly rate up front, and tell you how long a standard job will take. Franchised electrical repair companies have to charge more in order to pay the franchise fees, and they go by a book of listed prices to ensure their profits. They also price all jobs based on a “worst case scenario,” but most of the time it is not that costly to repair, and they sure don’t give you a refund if the job is easy!

If you are looking for honest pricing created in a straightforward manner, then Dr. Electric is the company you need. Also, I always encourage people to ask about licensing and insurance, because in this economy many are operating out there without these basics.

If you are in need of electrical repair, looking to do some remodeling or an addition, or even building a new home or building, call me, Joe Macri, owner and founder of Dr. Electric. We will do the job right, for a “Wallet Friendly” price, when you need it done.



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