Do your lights or plugs suddenly not work? Does a switch drive you nuts by only working some of the time? Are you adding a pool, spa, sunroom or barn? For these situations and so many more, Dr. Electric is the one you need to call. From troubleshooting or minor repairs to major renovations or new builds, Dr. Electric is that quality prescription to remedy your situation. Our services include:



Add Switches and/or Lighting

Ceiling Fans


Home Inspections

New Outlets

Panel Changes/Upgrades

Pool and Spa Power

Storm Damage Service

Surge Protection



Need to get a 50-foot pole light working? Do you have a row of lights that just keep going out? Do you have a new piece of equipment that needs power? Dr. Electric can help keep your business running and well lit!

Home Depot, Mapco Express, and Sonic are just a few of the businesses that we service as J M Electric, LLC, the parent company of Dr. Electric. The technical and specific issues of a business operation are as second-nature to our technicians as an outlet in a home.

3-Phase Power

Equipment Hook-Ups

Fire Marshall Inspection Repairs

Interior Lamps/Ballasts

Load Testing

New Circuits

Pole Lights/Exterior Lighting

Security Lighting